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Accenture helps Subaru improve user experience and website performance

Accenture Interactive and aVventa help Subaru improve website performance and user experience.


In 2012, avVenta, now part of Accenture Interactive, collaborated with Minneapolis-based creative agency Carmichael Lynch to transform the website, user experience and site performance for one of its major automotive clients, Subaru.

The site was slow, severely impacting overall user experience. Site visitors were frequently subjected to unnecessary content, distracting them from their visit objectives. Numerous pages contained embedded links, littering the site and often directing visitors to content or site sections that had no relevance to their purpose for visiting the site.

Connected Vehicle

Once simply a personal transportation machine, the car is fast evolving into a new mobile device, merging with the digital world into an all-encompassing communications environment.



Originally the site was developed in a way where each page would load all of the information upfront. This implementation approach led to long load times, unnecessary serving of content and embedded links that would drive visitors out of the intended section.


After a complete analysis, avVenta tackled the site refresh by using asynchronous requests and leveraged the latest HTML5/JavaScript technologies, significantly increasing site speed, which improved the visitor experience.

Another addition to the site was the vehicle-shopping tool, which allowed visitors to request a quote, schedule a test drive and complete a vehicle comparison.

The site was also made mobile-responsive and optimized for tablets and smartphones, accomplished by reformatting the content using HTML5/CSS3 techniques and technologies.

Increasing Return On Investment In Automotive Digital Marketing

With shrinking attention spans and rising expectations, car companies must capitalize on web and mobile technologies to influence buyers with targeted messages and content.



The implementation decreased the upload times while improving the overall user experience across the site. This approach made it easier for visitors to browse and navigate through the site with less clicks and quicker access to Subaru purchasing tools. The Implementation of this multi-channel solution has not just refreshed the site, but pushed it from 15th to 2nd place on the Automotive Index of Keynote, the Internet and mobile cloud testing and monitoring agency.

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