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Operational stability for an automated retailer through application outsourcing

Gaining the flexibility to adapt to market demands even as its business grows in complexity.


This fast-growing provider of automated retail solutions retained Accenture to help develop and manage its SAP enterprise resource planning and SAP customer relationship management solutions.

By outsourcing the ongoing management of its applications to Accenture, the retailer gained critical SAP knowledge and skills along with the flexibility to refocus its employees on other critical business imperatives while realizing increased value through improved performance. 

In addition, it improved operational stability and enhanced customer service during a time of rapid revenue growth and hiring as well as a new leadership regime.

Improved operational stability and enhanced customer service.


To increase profitability and focus on new markets while improving service quality, the retailer needed more mature IT operations and standardized business processes. This required:

  • Implementation of integrated and efficient Finance, Materials Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

  • Designing and developing a billing revenue generation model.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and sales by improving supporting systems and developing a metrics-based performance model.

  • Formalizing IT operational procedures and improving IT executive decision support.


Chosen for its “no surprises” culture and ability to cost effectively manage the retailer’s applications portfolio, Accenture:

  • Established an IT support model, staffed more than 80 percent from the Accenture Delivery Center in Bengaluru, India, that offers high-quality, cost-effective, flexible service to address the retailer's changing needs in a highly-competitive industry.

  • Established Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes and created an operational handbook for managing application outsourcing services and overseeing multiple vendors.

  • Leveraged Accenture Insight for Enterprise Systems to better understand transaction volumes and automate comparison of configurations and customized changes across SAP systems, reducing transition time by approximately 2 weeks.

  • Automated code review and interface monitoring and implemented an early watch alert reducing SAP monitoring efforts by more than 360 hours per year.

  • Consolidated and enhanced customer service operations for three new lines of business onto a common CRM Services solution, meeting a short timeline of 105 days.

  • Implemented new processes and system for call center customer service requests and improved customer service accuracy and speed by reducing data entry, decreasing duplicates, enhancing search options and offering agents about 15 percent more granular results.

  • Boosted call tracking efficiency by more than 90 percent.


By teaming with Accenture to consolidate SAP application management, implement mature business processes and move its entire IT operation offshore, the retailer gained better control, faster turnaround, reduced operational inefficiencies and took steps to move towards a more streamlined service delivery.

Customer service has improved too, as agents can enter requests faster, down from three and a half to less than two minutes.

Today, the retailer has greater operational stability and its IT services are better aligned with the business strategy. It has gained the flexibility to adapt to market demands even as its business grows in complexity.

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