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Accenture Labs: A foundation for tomorrow’s systems and platforms

Our researchers are focused on fortifying and enhancing the architecture for the enterprises of the future.


The Systems & Platforms R&D group fortifies and enhances the architecture for the enterprises of the future.

Highly dynamic, connected enterprises will need to handle a massive proliferation of data and mobile devices, orchestrate cross-organizational systems, and process complex events spanning vast geographies—all in real time. Our group develops frameworks, tools and services that provide the self-aware, self-managed and self-healing infrastructures and systems that are crucial to support scale and agility.

Our current research spans:​

  • Model-Driven Approach for Digital Platform: Scaling the management of infrastructure, architecture, and application domain

  • Data Management: Finding and accessing relevant data across heterogeneous data store technology and 3rd party systems

  • Edge Analytics: Deploying and managing analytics and applications outside of your platform

  • High Performance Computing: Leveraging GPUs, in memory systems, and quantum computing

  • Data Monetization and digital economy: exploring the opportunities and mechanisms needed to monetize data from IoT and the roadmap for an enterprise to run its data business.

  • Digital Utility: The impact of IoT for utilities like electrical, oil & gas, mining, and water.

API Maturity Model

Success in the digital world isn't just about enabling access through APIs. It also requires an industrialized model to deliver and evolve differentiated APIs at the speed and scale needed to capture new opportunities.

API industrialization refers to a set of technologies for publishing APIs with the efficiency, agility, and scale needed to compete in the digital world.

Our API Maturity Model details this journey against a number of dimensions, including Strategy and Governance, Architecture, Development Process, Developer Community and Optimization.

Our API Management Suite allows you to regularly revisit stages of the API lifecycle to effectively allocate resources and introduce updates based on your desired goals.

We provide a self-help model for developers to enhance business growth.

We can help businesses develop an API-led strategy that will yield optimal business results.

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