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Workforce Management for Utilities

Increase productivity by optimizing the workforce.


Utilities and companies handling widespread gas and oil pipelines face the need to maintain and optimize their assets while ensuring efficiency and productivity. External variables like weather conditions, traffic and congestion can have an impact on execution time, number of technicians needed in the field and the number of incoming calls to the back-office. Having reliable resource planning tools that can take into account these external variables is crucial for avoiding operational bottlenecks. Analytics provide an opportunity to quantify, visualize, predict and confirm operational bottlenecks while translating the raw operational data into actionable insight.

The Workforce Management Application provides accurate forecasts of execution time and the number of expected incoming calls based on the external variables. It also, generates suggestions on the optimal number of crews needed in the field on a daily basis, reducing operational costs and minimizing customer inconvenience.

Specific Services

The Workforce Management application is an end-to-end solution that can cover the Resource Planning and Management process for every division. Field force productivity can be increased by better planning the technicians and the skills required and by forecasting the optimal number of resources needed daily. The application can also help improve back-office efficiency by reducing or eliminating tasks—generating consistent time savings—and by creating an industrialized real time plan of the crews on the field.

Workforce Management has the capabilities to improve efficiency across the entire work lifecycle, while quickly identifying and quantifying the focus areas to optimize business value.

Key features

  • Ability to plan, schedule, and dispatch work in real time
  • Better integration of asset and work planning
  • Monitoring of KPI
  • Analytics capabilities: Root Cause Analytics, Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Predictive Device Maintenance, Network Incident Management

Why Accenture

The scalable Accenture Insights Platform includes resources applications, providing fast and easy access to an array of industry and functional applications that bolt onto the platform. Clients, in turn, achieve quicker time to market and more rapid results.

Clients also benefit from Accenture Analytics’ wide range of capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry knowledge. The validity of our advanced analytics outcomes is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the sector.

  • Business. Applications are designed for business users and focused on business results, minimizing the complexity often related to advanced analytics. Getting to accurate outcomes does not require users to have statistical, mathematical or IT knowledge.

  • Flexibility. Applications are based on a framework that can be easily integrated in an enterprise operational environment to enable business process action.