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Warranty Analytics

Reduce warranty costs and automatically detect emerging issues.


When processing warranty claims, manufacturers are usually using legacy systems that have limited automated validation and reporting functionalities, poor data quality and require data to be analyzed manually. As a result, manufacturers detect and correct warranty issues too late. This negatively impacts financials, brand image and customer experiences.

Accenture's Warranty Analytics application offers a fraud detection framework that includes predictive analytics models along with business rules to estimate the probability of suspicious activity and detect fraud. Suspicious activity can include, but is not limited to: Dealers charging more working hours than needed or suppliers providing poor quality parts that fail and again must be fixed in warranty.

Specific Services

The Warranty Analytics application helps warranty managers identify the causes for losses in the warranty process by providing data visualizations that offer insights into business issues (dealer issues, supplier issues, no root cause, anomalies, etc.) It also enables the prioritization of actions to resolve the issues. Manufacturers, as a result, can detect emerging issues and make data-driven decisions that can lead to reducing warranty costs.

Key benefits

  • Reduce warranty costs
  • Automatically detect emerging issues and reduces time to resolution
  • Reduce the size and cost of recalls
  • Increase the efficiency of problem-solving efforts for improved quality and customer satisfaction