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Transformational, comprehensive solutions—many enabled by smart grid technology—are helping utilities and communities around the world advance toward a radically different landscape for meeting their energy needs. Accenture offers the world-leading expertise that utilities and their customers need to frame their vision of a smarter grid and achieve its many benefits.

Accenture is at the forefront of the evolution to a smarter grid. From generation to in-home energy management, from strategic blueprints to operational data analytics, and from the board room to the operations center. Accenture provides the experience and skills, global resources, proven methodologies and industry-leading technology assets utilities need to realize the vision of a more intelligent grid.

Accenture Smart Grid Services helps our clients realize more value from their transmission and distribution (T&D) business by adopting smart technologies and operating capabilities. We help some of the world's most forward-thinking utilities build smart grid business cases and strategies. We work with them to evaluate the pros and cons of wholesale replacement of technology versus strategic upgrades. We also develop the road maps needed to implement the right capabilities and technologies at the right time, given each organization's operational needs, business and financial goals and regulatory requirements.


The ability to balance performance and operational objectives with regulatory mandates requires new approaches to asset management and investment decision making within the utility. This is particularly true in T&D, where demand for capital to replace aging infrastructure and workforces is especially high.

For many leading utilities, this has meant a change in mindset from resource-driven to asset-driven decision making.

Accenture’s digital asset management services and solutions enable T&D organizations to transform, modernize and more effectively manage their asset strategy and investment planning, system and maintenance planning, and asset performance.

Accenture’s approach to T&D asset analytics enables powerful new insights into one of the most capital-intensive aspects of the utility enterprise.

Advanced asset analytics gives utilities the power to integrate and aggregate asset data from multiple systems and databases, apply powerful analytics against this aggregated data and then see the results in clear, easy-to-understand graphic displays that can lead to better asset investment and maintenance decisions.

Accenture provides end-to-end solutions for:

  • Asset investment planning and management

  • Asset performance management

  • Advanced maintenance strategies/condition-based maintenance

  • Asset modeling and information governance

  • Enterprise geographic information system (GIS) and enterprise asset register based on enterprise asset management (EAM)

  • EAM-GIS and smart grid integration

  • Mobile asset management

  • Capital program management


Accenture offers work, field and resource management as a means of crossing over traditional functional silos. By integrating work management capabilities, utilities can optimize resources, expedite design, reduce cost and enhance the quality and management of work and asset information.

Accenture’s services and solutions integrate enterprise operational capabilities and make that information available to other enterprise functions. Our approach allows work management to be an operations hub for a single enterprise capability—to make significant and sustainable improvements in safety, operating and capital spend, field force productivity and end-customer satisfaction.

A holistic approach
With an emphasis on evolving field organizations to greater levels of performance-driven excellence, Accenture’s holistic enterprise approach to field force transformation enables utilities to achieve high performance across their field operations. In doing so, utilities are better positioned to realize enhanced productivity, operational effectiveness and key performance indicators in customer service, asset management and other business functions.

Enabling a Digital Workforce in Transmission & Distribution

Work management
With a focus on process and operating model optimization, Accenture’s services and solutions span those capabilities required to operate T&D—customer requests, design, resource planning and scheduling, work execution, field and business reporting, among others. We help utilities:

  • Gain visibility of all work on the T&D network, enabling utilities to make better decisions about how to align resources to jobs and how to determine the right work to complete to meet customer and reliability needs.

  • Expedite and streamline the design process by helping utilities leverage design knowledge in templates and standardized construction for all types of work.

  • Manage job prerequisites by proactively managing those activities that can hold up field work and increase the overall work-order life cycle.

  • Integrate work information with other impacted systems to provide real-time access to information and reduce duplication of data entry.

Field and resource management
Accenture helps enable utilities to transform field operations through the convergence of people, systems, processes and communications. We help utilities:

  • Develop mobile strategies and implement them by evaluating mobile solutions appropriate to the needs of a utility’s field workforce and then delivering those solutions.

  • Enable supervisors by focusing on the redefinition of the field supervisor role to that of a field coach and leader, to drive improved field performance results in safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimize resource planning and scheduling to drive greater utilization of the field force and improves achievement of commitment dates.


The evolution of the electric grid and its operations is becoming ever more complex and distributed; however, the core mission for utilities remains constant: the safe, efficient and reliable delivery of power to customers.

With the growth in smarter technologies and devices, evolving regulatory frameworks and the increase of solar and other distributed energy sources on the grid, the challenge of delivering this core mission makes the need for grid modernization a critical focus for utilities.

Accenture's intelligent grid operations services combine real-time grid management with all facets of utility services to enhance power quality, reliability and performance against objectives. We help utilities optimize grid operations, improve reliability, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance process and workforce.

Improved grid operations can help utilities:

  • Operationalize advanced distribution management and outage management systems.

  • Provide consistent and timely communication of outage information.

  • Derive true outage intelligence from advanced metering infrastructure.

  • Build strategies for seamless integration of renewables with transmission and distribution grids.

  • Provide guidelines to enhance reliability and power quality on transmission and distribution networks.

In April 2014, Accenture and Siemens formed OMNETRIC Group, a joint venture that provides utilities with advanced smart grid solutions and services focused on data management and systems integration to improve energy efficiency, grid operations and reliability.

Learn more about OMNETRIC Group.

Accenture recently acquired Structure to further strengthen our ability to help utilities transform by support the integration of operational technologies (OT) with IT systems.

Watch the video: Coming together to support IT and OT convergence.


As utilities continue to deploy smart metering technologies, they are seeking to reap the next generation of benefits from these initiatives. From these technologies, utilities have the potential to gain greater integration of energy use and digital technologies, more transparency and visibility of use to encourage efficiency, more effective demand response coupled to customer preferences and more cost-effective means of engagement on energy use.

To help utilities achieve this next level of value from advanced metering operations, Accenture brings leading-edge thinking in smart metering/AMI, meter data management, network communications, data integration and security, with a coordinated approach to program management that can help utilities improve distribution efficiency and optimize energy usage.

Field area network, wide area network, head-end, meter data management, customer information, outage, distribution and energy management, SCADA, GIS, and other grid operations and back-office systems.

Accenture’s approach provides utilities with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to address developing and implementing an AMI strategy. Accenture has experience in the end-to-end enterprise, technology, process architecture and integration of AMI and smart grid solutions, from the home area network, smart meters,

Accenture provides smart metering/AMI solutions and services to help improve distribution efficiency and optimize energy usage, including:

  • Smart meter and network deployment and operations: Efficiently get meters and the meter network in and working effectively.

  • Smart meter data management: Maximize the value from smart meter data across the utility.

  • Demand response, efficiency and commercial optimization: Maximize the value from distributed energy resources across the utilities value chain.

  • Revenue assurance: Detect and reduce the impact of tampering and theft and revenue leakage in the bill cycle.

How can utilities get the greatest value from smart metering?

Around the world, the 10 largest national deployments are expected to add 500 million new smart meters by 2020, triple the 2012 global installed base.

Insights on smart metering—Podcast

Rick Hanks, Accenture smart metering lead for Europe, Africa and Latin America, discusses insights on smart metering deployments from Accenture’s Digitally Enabled Grid research.