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Trade Surveillance

Bolsters in-house surveillance with analytics for detection of unusual or suspect behavior.


Reducing risk exposure from misconduct remains a top challenge for firms in the financial services industry. Conventional risk management processes employed today, however, are largely inadequate when it comes to heading off financial misconduct.

Regulators have therefore increased their attention on the industry’s need to address misconduct behaviors, which can inflict serious, or even irreparable, damage on an organization and its customers as well as overall market integrity. For instance, organizations with members caught engaging in fraudulent activity, such as unauthorized trading, risk ruin from monetary losses, regulatory repercussions and reputational damage.

Financial companies need a comprehensive solution for quickly analyzing data from multiple sources to help identify, monitor and prevent continually evolving threats. The Accenture Trade Surveillance application is designed to support an organization’s overall in-house surveillance process through the analysis of structured and unstructured data. Leveraging big data technologies, advanced analytics and text mining algorithms, the application helps detect complex, anomalous trading behavioral patterns.


The Accenture Trade Surveillance application helps arm risk managers with a more comprehensive surveillance management capability by augmenting an organization’s existing surveillance competencies with risk detection enablement. The application analyzes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across disparate sourcesfrom company text and voice-based communications to social media to human resources-specific data. Applying analytics and thresholds for risk to these data sources helps prioritize and focus investigations concerning suspect and unauthorized behavior.

Key Features

  • Improved visibility and detection for reducing exposures to trader, employee or insider misconduct
  • Integrated solution augmenting existing competencies for a more robust in-house surveillance capability

Why Accenture

The scalable Accenture Insights Platform includes financial services applications, providing fast and easy access to an array of industry and functional applications that bolt onto the platform. Clients, in turn, can achieve quicker business results, including times to market.

Clients may also benefit from Accenture Analytics’ wide range of capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry. The validity of our advanced analytics outcomes is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the sector.

  • Business. Applications are designed for business users and focused on business results, helping to minimize the complexity often related to advanced analytics. Arriving at accurate outcomes does not require users to have statistical, mathematical or IT knowledge.

  • Flexibility. Applications are based on a framework that can be easily integrated into an enterprise operational environment to enable business process action.