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Telco Predictive Fraud Detection

Detects unusual or suspect behavior that may increase fraud risk exposure.


Telecommunication companies are perpetually fending off fraudsters—from individuals posing as legitimate customers so they can benefit from subscription services without paying to those who receive and then resell subsidized equipment for their own profit. The ability to identify and trace new anomalous behaviors through continuous monitoring is vital for enabling companies to take preemptive actions against future costly occurrences of fraud. The Accenture Predictive Fraud Detection application helps companies minimize acceptance of high-risk applications and closely monitor new customers to identify those likely to be defaulters.



The Telco Predictive Fraud Detection application helps company audit managers identify anomalous behaviors to reduce fraud risk exposure through real-time monitoring of preset business rules and advanced analytics. The application analyzes internal company data and external data to help determine the risk factors and level associated with each service user. Audit managers receive alert notifications about anomalous behaviors that may pose a fraud risk, using customized logics based on their control targets.

Key Features

  • Management of business rules for facilitating integration of existing business experience
  • Use of historical data comparisons for identifying new fraudulent behaviors
  • Identification of anomalous connections posing high fraud risk