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Software as a Service powers liquid, intelligent and connected applications

Enterprises are being asked grow the business and manage costs—all with an innovative and flexible IT capability.


SaaS offers a fundamentally better model for driving change for both the business and IT and it provides a path to innovations previously not possible with on-premise technology.

Our SaaS Business Solutions suite and the cloud can help you strike a proper balance—both from a business and IT perspective—to lead your organization to higher performance.

As a recognized global leader in SaaS, Accenture offers a full range of services to help clients achieve the most value from their SaaS solutions.

Why Accenture

Accenture has delivered hundreds of large-scale, enterprise SaaS implementations with our more than 6,600 skilled SaaS professionals worldwide.

Accenture is a leading provider of cloud and SaaS solutions. Our SaaS Business Solutions suite can help clients the following ways:

  • Implement easily scalable SaaS solutions built on all major platforms.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership, IT redundancies and run/maintenance costs.

  • Incorporate SaaS within the overall architecture of new-business and IT operating models.

  • Accelerate return on investment by enabling clients to iteratively improve capabilities and adapt to changes in the market.


Specific SaaS services include:

  • SaaS Strategy—Assess and plan strategies and integrate solutions with existing systems in complex, global environments.

  • SaaS ImplementationBuild solutions on or integrate with many computing platforms across industries, by department or enterprise-wide.

  • SaaS OperationsAddress pressing issues in human resources, customer service, indirect and direct sales and back-office functions.

These services are provided in support of a range of business/functional solutions, including: CRM; Sales Force Automation; Partner Relationship Management; Service, Contact and Call Center; Social Media; Marketing; Human Resource Management and Financial Management.

Accenture understands SaaS and can help you to identify new ways that SaaS and cloud computing can deliver benefits to your organization.


Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are growing exponentially. As businesses discover the advantages of SaaS—faster time-to-deployment, lower capital costs and reduced demand on IT resources— they also find they need to address the growing challenges associated with cloud computing, such as achieving economies of scale, fostering sustained innovation and rapid adoption, and more. As a leader in deploying SaaS solutions, Accenture is here to help.

By combining Accenture’s extensive experience in implementing SaaS solutions with our exceptional industry and functional know-how, we created an immersive environment that puts clients at the heart of the innovation process.

Clients can participate in live demonstrations, visioning workshops and brainstorming sessions with leading industry experts in SaaS, as well as professionals from Accenture Technology Labs to explore both the short-and long-term opportunities to gain greater business value from SaaS.

With its specific focus on SaaS, the Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud gives organizations access to SaaS leadership and the best ecosystem partners to spark transformational possibilities to address pressing business challenges.



We are committed to building and maintaining our best-in-class delivery. Our four-day intensive learning experience, based on real-life client examples, builds the skills that enable the successful use and delivery of Accenture SaaS and Salesforce tools and resources.

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