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Revenue forecaster: Forecast traffic and revenues

Forecast revenues of Telco companies by tariff and traffic direction.


In a highly competitive market, it is important to be quick in testing, accurate in defining actions and reactive in defining tactic responses to competitors’ actions.

Effective control requires timely and accurate forecasts of traffic and resulting revenues. The need to get detailed forecasts by type of service, direction and components of revenue (fixed, variable) makes the process more complex, making manual management extremely difficult and time-consuming. In addition to the complexity of the offer and the required detail, market-specific characteristics must be considered: Holidays, internal and competitors’ promotions, and network issues. Considering these elements leads to more accurate forecasts.

Revenue Forecaster allows forecasting revenues in the Telco market at the desired detail level, with a refresh frequency that allows the most accurate prediction based on the latest data.

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Specific Services

Revenue Forecaster reduces the effort to prepare data that often reside on different systems, and it automates the forecasting process. In this way, users involved in control activities can use their time to find interesting patterns, highlight issues and propose corrective actions.

The application provides forecasts in different areas (customer base, activations, cancellations, traffic and revenues) and at different detail levels (total, by service, by service and direction). Revenue Forecaster takes into account all the internal and external elements that may impact traffic and revenues, providing accurate forecasts that can be immediately used to take decisions.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art statistical forecasting methods (Arima, Armax, AREG, Exponential)

  • Flexible forecast horizon

  • Management of seasonality and calendar events

  • Wizard-guided processes

  • Auto modeling to identify the top-performing algorithms on each series

  • Scheduling of all operations, from data loading to forecast production

  • KPIs at every level (service, type of customer, direction)

  • Treatment of different tariff plans

  • Traffic and revenue forecasts for all service types (Voice, Data, Services SMS, MMS, VAS)

  • Ability to include internal competitors’ information (Promotional activities, availability of new plans / services, network issues, communication campaigns)

Why Accenture

CMT applications are built within the scalable Accenture Insights Platform that provides fast and easy access to an array of industry and functional applications that bolt on to the platform, allowing quicker time to market and more rapid results for clients.

Clients also access our wide range of capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry knowledge. The validity of our advanced analytics outcomes is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the sector.

  • Business. Applications are designed for business users and focused on business results, minimizing advanced analytics complexity. Getting to accurate outcomes does not require statistical, mathematical or IT knowledge—just business know-how.

  • Flexibility. Applications are based on a framework that can be easily integrated in an enterprise operational environment to drive business process action.