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Propelling growth and value through personalization

Dynamically curating experiences to each individual and context in a seamless manner across channels


Experience is the new brand and that includes connecting around the needs of the customers. To succeed in this new world of marketing you have to understand both what they want but also the why.

Today’s personalization capabilities fulfill that promise by dynamically and uniquely tailoring experiences to each individual and context in a seamless manner across channels thereby propelling both growth and value. Accenture believes the ultimate goal of personalization is to use data to make it easier for customers to find and consume what they want, how and when they want it. Based not only on the WHAT of past purchase or browsing, but by understanding the WHY behind their preferences.

Learn more about our services below and explore how Accenture’s personalization research and insights combined with our unique tools, assets and enablers can help your organization leverage personalization to drive sustained business value.


“With Accenture’s help, direct sales increased 27 percent in the first year of implementation and are expected to grow on a 30 percent basis over the next three years.”


- JOSÉ MARÍA DALMAU, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Meliá Hotels International

Watch how Accenture helps Meliá Hotels International grow direct digital sales and deliver superior digital customer experience through personalization.

A Personalization Pulse Check

To learn more about consumer expectations in the age of hyper-personalization, Accenture surveyed more than 1,500 consumers between the ages of 18 and 60 across the United States and United Kingdom to identify the extent to which consumers value certain personalization tactics and the caveats they demand when it comes to data collection.

The findings highlight what is required to replicate the best offline personalized experience in a digital environment. Additionally, they reveal best practices for data usage in order to deliver exceptional personalized experiences at every customer touch point. Learn more about how you can use this information to create unique personalization strategies across all channels.

DOWNLOAD THE STUDY [PDF] For detailed findings and analysis from the 1,500 consumer online surveys

Delivering On The Promise Of Personalization @ Scale

Personalization is the act of dynamically curating experiences to each individual and context in a seamless manner across channels. This includes all interaction, such as marketing, shopping and services experiences.

To help tackle this broad and critical topic, Accenture developed the 4R Personalization Framework. Similar to the way customers expect to be treated by their favorite offline business, online customers expect to be recognized by name when they arrive, and have their preferences remembered without having to be reminded. Customers expect the business to know them better than they know themselves by paying close attention to their unique preferences and making recommendations that are relevant within the context of the situation.

Most companies have made some progress in their personalization journey, and efforts are accelerating across all industries. The Accenture Personalization Maturity Model can help companies assess how well they are doing. Our experience points to three areas critical for advancing to personalization @ scale: orchestration, organization and operationalization.



Accenture 4 R Personalization Framework

Personalization Research & Insights

Accenture Interactive Personalization Assets

Technology that drives marketing performance from strategy and implementation through execution and measurement

Staying ahead of the competition means understanding your customers like never before and developing deep relationships through personalized contextual customer experiences that drive performance and lower costs.

Accenture Interactive Personalization Assets work to identify your best customers, understand their unique DNA, segment them into actionable groups, deliver optimal digital experiences, make the best recommendations and understand how they respond. Our technology can also diagnose and improve your overall digital experience, as well as optimize your investments in digital, marketing, products, locations and space.



Why Accenture Interactive

Where on the personalization journey are you?

The trek toward personalization at scale and true business agility is a journey. Having a clear vision of the effort and a steadfast eye on the goal help to confirm the company is making it easier for the customer along the way and, therefore, generating the return on investment anticipated.

Accenture Interactive offers complete, end-to-end personalization services, capabilities and experience that help enable the world's leading brands to delight their customers and drive superior marketing performance across the full omni-channel customer experience.

To learn more about how you can move up the personalization maturity model, make life easier for your customers and deliver high performance to your organization contact:

Jeriad Zoghby

Jeriad Zoghby, PhD
Managing Director, Global Lead Personalization
Accenture Interactive