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Portfolio: Manage energy trading with advanced analytics

Portfolio provides comprehensive management and analysis of portfolio positions.


In the increasingly competitive resources market, medium- and long-term planning is key to improve efficiency and increase productivity. This activity focuses on the analysis of procurement sources and of possible trading scenarios.

Portfolio is the application for managing trading portfolios in the resources market. It provides powerful information on the open market position, which is analyzed in terms of volumes and Mark to Market contracts, supported by flexible tools for pricing formulas and indexing management.

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Specific Services

Portfolio is an application designed to support procurement decisions. It interfaces directly with the management of customer portfolios and offers the possibility to include prospects without a final contract. Customer management is completed by the segmentation function, which produces the portfolio control matrix. The trading simulation functions allow the user to work on any part of its contracts and easily change the number, composition and expected withdrawal. Each hypothesis, after having been assessed and validated, can be used to create the open position.

Key features

  • Open Position: Breakdown of the position per period and standard products, indicators for any set of contracts (per platform, pricing formula, deal or sub-portfolio)

  • Mark to Market: Breakdown per period and standard products, definition of price benchmark

  • Invoicing amounts: Receivables/payables by supplier, contract type and pricing formula

  • Contract management for any frequency and time frame

  • Management of pricing formulas (fixed, index-linked, bsld)

  • Definition of indexing formulas

  • Management of commodities

  • Definition of sales campaigns with activation plan and withdrawal profile

  • Management of forward electricity contracts and market: Types (OTC, market platform, CFD), standard (baseload, PK/OP) or custom profile

  • Management of pricing formulas: Fixed or index-linked, Baseload or by time bands

  • Management of commodities and indexing definition

  • P/L function for all breakdowns of the position per period and standard products

Why Accenture

Energy trading applications are built within the scalable Accenture Insights Platform that provides fast and easy access to an array of industry and functional applications that bolt on to the platform, allowing quicker time to market and more rapid results for clients.

Clients also access our wide range of capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry knowledge. The validity of our advanced analytics outcomes is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the sector.

  • Business. Applications are designed for business users and focused on business results, minimizing advanced analytics complexity. Getting to accurate outcomes does not require statistical, mathematical or IT knowledge—just business know-how.

  • Flexibility. Applications are based on a framework that can be easily integrated in an enterprise operational environment to drive business process action.