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Nomination Interface analytics application for transportation

Nomination Interface is the application for gas for daily programming to the Transport System Operator (TSO) through the needed protocol.


The shippers need a ready-made application that includes the balancing process, validation and sending of daily programs to the Transport System Operator. Before sending the nominations via needed protocol, the user must perform the so-called balancing of the program: The energy injected into the network, plus the storage energy (injected or withdrawn) must equal the withdrawal from the network.

Nomination Interface is the gas application for daily programming to the TSO through the needed protocol. The dispatch is preceded by a balancing and validation process of the values to be sent to the TSO.

Specific Services

Nomination Interface is the application for gas that meets the need to balance the transport network withdrawal program, daily nominations and Virtual Point balancing. Nomination Interface is able to offer the business user a balancing program that uses the demand forecasts per single point of delivery and the parameters concerning procurement contracts, entry capacity, capacity of Regional Networks and points of delivery, as well as transactions already recorded at Virtual Point.

Key features

  • Transport network withdrawal program

  • Modification and validation of daily nominations

  • Proposes a balanced program using the storage

  • X12, SL-ATR, SCTD, Kiss-A protocols

  • Proposes an unbalanced program for the gas day

  • Allows the user to balance the program using the Virtual Point

  • Generates the corresponding Virtual Point transaction

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