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Accenture Network Services Overview Video



Digital service providers are driving the transformation at the heart of today’s Digital World. As they work to realize the promise of that transformation, communications service providers (CSPs) are pursuing an accelerated phase-out of legacy networks in favor of a new network that will enable them to operate in tomorrow’s disaggregated world, with its plenitude of players.

To realize the full benefit of that transformation, network operations will need to shift to a software paradigm and software operating models. And this shift will require unique new skills, including new ways of designing, building and operating software networks in the cloud, and a shift in budgeting and monetization models from CAPEX-intensive, hardware-based infrastructure to OPEX-focused, software-based models.

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Why Accenture

As CSPs evolve into Integrated Digital Service Providers, they are looking to collaborate with partners who have the industry expertise, digital orientation, depth in technology, and ecosystem relationships to help them build their next-generation services, networks and operations.

With unparalleled experience in IT transformation, Accenture brings multiple advantages to providers seeking to make their vision a reality. Bringing its tools for process and governance to the network world, Accenture also has an extensive track record working with a vast majority of the large enterprise customers—Fortune 500 and others—whose needs CSPs are seeking to address.

Accenture’s positioning in the communications industry demonstrates that among vendors working with CSPs, Accenture is a leader who can help them maximize the benefits of their existing assets in the digital context, and create new capabilities that bring revenue from new sources. 

Accenture has the industry expertise, digital insight, technology experience, ecosystem partners and end-to-end solutions to help build your next-generation network. We can help you make the move from a traditional network to a digital network, along multiple dimensions:

  • From operating a hardware-based network … to operating a digital network platform using software.

  • From working with a few hard-wired vendors … to creating an open environment that can be rapidly extended into new industries.

  • From confronting regional limitations … to running a global network.

  • From being constrained by corporate boundaries … to providing a seamless connection to third-party cloud ecosystems.

  • From employing a workforce that “maintains” … to empowering a workforce that innovates.

  • From being pigeonholed as a “dumb pipe” … to inventing the intelligent, self-learning digital platform that makes you the best choice for your customers in the future.

As you pursue the opportunities offered by Digital Network Transformation, insist on having a partner who understands the breadth of your requirements … and is fully equipped to help you turn your vision into reality.


Gene Reznik

Gene Reznik

Gene Reznik is the Group Technology Officer and Network Business Managing Director for Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group. He is responsible for leading Accenture's technology agenda for the group globally. This includes defining the group's technology strategy, overseeing current and future technology partnerships, and developing emerging technology areas.

In leading the groups’ Network Business, the focus is on evolving traditional service providers to becoming integrated digital service providers - helping our clients build next generation digital networks that are innovative, software driven and provide seamless connections to cloud ecosystems.

Throughout his 20 year career with Accenture, Gene has held a number of leadership positions within CMT across North America, Europe and Asia.  Prior to his current tole, Gene led Accenture's CMT business in Asia Pacific, based out of Beijing.  Before that, Gene served as the global managing director of Accenture's Communcations Industry group serving clients in the wireless, wireline and cable segments.

During his tenure, Gene has led high profile engagements with some of the world's largest service providers.  His work included formulating and implementing strategies related to network and services evolution.  He also developed Accenture's service provider cost reduction methodology and performed extensive research on network planning and management.  Gene has also fcused on addressing strategic issues related to the development of and transition to next-generation Internet-based services, an area in which he conducted extensive research.

 Over the years, Gene has authored a number of articles and has been a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences.  He is a former member of the Board of Directors for the TM Forum.

Gene holds a Bachelors Degree in electrical engineering from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Chicago.