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Network Predictive Fault Management

Predict network incidents before they occur, allowing for pre-emptive maintenance and improved service assurance.


In the big data era, companies are no longer suffering from a lack of data, but they do struggle in identifying the right data to make better, faster business decisions.

Accenture has applied predictive analytics and approaches to enterprise network management, helping clients diagnose, transform, operate, and innovate while simultaneously enabling significant savings, mitigating security and business interruption risks, and uncovering entirely new uses of the network.

CIOs are focused on preventing network outages to improve reliability scorecard metrics.

Network Predictive Fault Management is the application designed to help CIOs and other users identify devices that are likely to fail, to perform cost effective maintenance and keep the network current.

Specific Services

The Network Predictive Fault Management application helps telecommunications companies reduce costs connected to maintenance and upgrade plans by optimizing the content and the sequence of interventions. It predicts network incidents before they occur, allowing pre-emptive maintenance and improving service assurance. It also provides operational insights to IT Managers giving them visibility on network vulnerabilities and recommendations for proactive maintenance of the network infrastructure.

Key features

  • Maps the organization network, including all types of devices, technical teams, service levels

  • Maps complex geographies, allowing different users to collaborate in a single framework

  • Predicts more accurate maintenance, optimizing the intervention plan with a more proactive approach