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Forecaster Renewables: Predictive analytics for renewable energy

A predictive analytics application that implements forecasting models for the generation of power from renewable sources.​


The need for accurate planning of energy generation is increasing. The context is complicated by the types of generation involved, i.e. photovoltaic, wind and pump storage hydroelectricity; these have complex behaviors, which react differently according to different weather conditions. This problem impacts the energy generation area of the company, but the forecasting problem has many points in common with the forecasting activities already managed by sales portfolio forecasting.

Forecaster Renewables is the application that implements forecasting models for the generation of power from renewable sources. The application is based on time series models, regression models, neural networks and hybrid models that manage the necessary weather drivers.

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Specific Services

This application meets the need to provide increasingly accurate forecasts of energy from renewable sources, minimizing the imbalance. Leading statistical forecasting methods (time series models, linear regression models and neural networks) have been adapted to the specific and complex requirements of photovoltaic systems, wind farms or pump storage hydroelectricity plants. In particular, this solution focuses on the precision and accuracy of data related to significant drivers for forecasting purposes, and therefore of data of weather models, wind speed and direction at different heights and gusts of wind, temperatures, rain and climate stations connected to the plants.

The combination of sophisticated models with updated information and drivers provides very accurate results, thus overcoming the forecasting problem for such complex systems. All operations can be scheduled, saving time that can be dedicated to the analysis and study of the drivers and their trends, which can significantly modify a forecast and its accuracy.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art statistical forecasting methods

  • Statistical KPIs

  • Automated modeling

  • Stepwise selection, self-identification

  • Modeling logic based on meter clustering

  • KPI-driven intervention strategy

  • KPI for accuracy assessment

  • Alerts

  • Automatic building of weather and calendar driver

  • NDM treatment

  • Modeling for direct TSO customers

Why Accenture

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