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People & Culture for Financial Services

Capitalizing on the transformative impact of digital to review and change work, the workforce, and the organization itself.


Isaac Cantalejo

Isaac Cantalejo

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, People & Culture Lead
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We help financial services companies optimize their organization design for the new digital paradigm. We work with them in planning and managing the workforce and workplace changes that enable the new design, developing new people and new ways of working. We assist in developing a new corporate culture that puts people first, and achieving leadership alignment.

The future is Computer science

What we do

Financial services workforce of the future

Financial services firms recognize that they need a different set of skills and aptitudes to thrive in a marketplace that is changing constantly. We assist them in the planning and transformation of their workforce, developing the necessary skills and enabling workers to collaborate more effectively.

Culture transformation

To succeed in the future, financial services companies need a workforce culture that is simultaneously employee-oriented and customer-centric. We help to define this culture, plan the transformation roadmap, align leadership to the new culture, and effect the behavior changes that embed it within the enterprise.

New ways of working

Digital transformation is not only making it possible for financial services providers to work in new ways; it is making it essential. The bank, insurer and wealth management firm of the future will need to use its people in different ways, employing advances such as digital working, flexi-working and collaboration with intelligent machines. This offering optimizes employee productivity and organizational agility.


What we think