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Early Warnings

Fully control the end-to-end early warnings process, using all available information.


Banks often face various challenges related to the early warnings process—the process that monitors credits (loans, mortgages, etc.) to identify the potential non-payers and offers an early warning on this potentially risky customer activity. These challenges are usually related to having the credit and risk activities scattered throughout different platforms and business unit silos.

Accenture’s Early Warnings application offers an end-to-end environment for early warning process management. It helps risk managers to easily manage client data coming from multiple sources— such as external bureaus or providers—by applying business rules and predictive models to all of the data so early warnings of potentially risky behavior may be identified.

Specific Services

The Early Warnings application helps risk managers at banks to identify potential loss risk on different products, including loans, mortgages and more. Risk managers and analysts have the ability to define and manage business rules and risk triggers, to manage predictive models and define risk strategies using the Risk Matrix feature. The Risk Matrix color codes each position to indicate the risk status. Credit Managers can work inside the application to associate specific actions for each category.

Key features

  • Flexibility of methodology for the Warning Score elaboration
  • Classification Models provide accurate and intuitive scoring
  • Risk Matrix accepts risk scores from multiple sources