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Predict customer value with the Customer Potential analytics application

Customer Potential helps you retain high-value customers by taking the right actions to increase margins, cross-selling, and customer retention.


Financial companies want to retain high-value customers, so it’s important to take the right actions to increase cross-selling, retention and marginality.

For example, being able to cross-check an actual value with an analytics-driven estimate of potential value for each customer is an added value for sales, marketing and CRM departments. This insight allows them to more effectively address loyalty, cross and upselling actions.

CRM managers often have an inadequate understanding of customer value, because the segmentation is usually based only on current financial assets. Furthermore, segmentation is usually updated only once a year, while customers change more often.

Accenture’s customer potential application allows users to analyze actual and potential value for the customer base, exploiting customers that are not expressing their full potential, in an effort to drive marketing and sales actions.

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Specific Services

For each customer, the application provides the potential value that can likely be expected from him or her, highlighting the product areas where unexpressed value may hide.

The application then provides valuable predictive indicators to increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns, highlighting customers with high potential.

Key features

  • Industry-specific KPIs to define actual and potential value.

  • Actual and potential value calculated and updated every month, for each customer.

  • Definition of the contact channel based on the customer profile/ preferences and on value.

  • Standardized, data-driven approach for campaign effectiveness.

Why Accenture

Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics helps businesses break down data silos and liberate their data. By freeing your data to move seamlessly across the data supply chain, we help businesses surface insights that are universally accessible across the organization in near real-time.

As your business goals evolve, so will your data supply chain—and the technologies that support it. Accenture helps clients maintain their best data supply chain over time, so they continue to unlock the value of the business in their data.

Extracting the greatest value from big data requires the right structure, processes, and configuration of components in your data supply chain. It also requires the right talent and technologies. Accenture is technology-agnostic, creating end-to-end solutions to suit each client situation and empower businesses to achieve their specific goals.