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Credit Collection for Utilities

Optimizes the credit collection process, defines and schedules a recovery plan to maximize debt recovery.


In the Utilities industry, missing payments by customers are increasingly frequent and recovery activities are therefore intensifying to reduce the amount of loss to the company. Having a strategic approach for contacting customers and identifying the best channel – such as, email letter, text or phone callis essential for maximizing debt recovery and minimizing recovery related costs. Predictive models are critical tools to forecast the probability of debt recovery for each customer. They also benefit the organization by prioritizing the customers, operators, communication channels and next best actions to pursue, such as offering a recovery plan or discount.

The Credit Collection application is designed to improve the profitability of companies and reduce their financial risk. Its insights help to maximize the value of the recovery and give an overview of the claim status and the likelihood for recovery. This advanced analytics application supports the business user in selecting the best contact method, identifying the claims that are best suited for follow-up action through a third party.

Specific Services

The Credit Collection application for Utilities maximizes expected returns and keeps costs under control. It also establishes accurate cost thresholds for the different recovery channels available. The application uses analytics to match each customer as a potential recovery with the optimal recovery channel to clearly indicate the next best action.

Key features

  • Identification of high-risk customers and the potential exposed value
  • Assignment of a customer specific risk score
  • Prioritized customer specific plans identifying the best action to maximize the recovery value.
  • End-to-end processing

Why Accenture

The scalable Accenture Insights Platform includes resources applications, providing fast and easy access to an array of industry and functional applications that bolt onto the platform. Clients, in turn, achieve quicker time to market and more rapid results.

Clients also benefit from Accenture Analytics’ wide range of capabilities rooted in:

  • Industry knowledge. The validity of our advanced analytics outcomes is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the sector.

  • Business. Applications are designed for business users and focused on business results, minimizing the complexity often related to advanced analytics. Getting to accurate outcomes does not require users to have statistical, mathematical or IT knowledge.

  • Flexibility. Applications are based on a framework that can be easily integrated in an enterprise operational environment to enable business process action.