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Cloud Application Migration Services

Cloud computing can help make your apps extraordinarily more agile and scalable.


But—even though cloud computing has become more commonplace in infrastructures—when it comes to applications, many of you lie awake at night mulling big questions:

  • Should I even move these applications to the cloud?

  • If so, which type of cloud? Public? Private? Hybrid?

You need to map a path with the endgame in mind. You need a process that reduces pain and costs while maximizing time and resources.

You're not alone in these needs. See how Discovery Networks International approached this challenge. Learn how a global software company boosted their critical licensing application performance with a database framework using cloud capabilities.

Why Accenture

Accenture can help get you to the cloud faster and more efficiently. We offer a deep understanding of the possibilities that emerge when legacy systems and cloud solutions mesh. And we have a clear vision of the digital future this hybrid world is leading us to. We combine those insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high-performance engines. We can help ease large-scale migrations by executing with industrialized tools and methods.

Around the world, organizations of all sizes from every sector are moving to cloud computing. The results of Accenture’s High Performance IT research show high performers are combining private and public clouds with existing systems to enhance what each has to offer as they move to a hybrid environment.

Accenture’s enterprise application migration services provide detailed, long-ranging, robust methodologies for migrating large application portfolios to cloud platforms. Our tested, reliable tools can help you with application inventory, assessment, code analysis, migration planning and execution.

Specific Services

Accenture’s methodology breaks down into five essential processes to help make your cloud migration cost-effective and cohesive:

  • Discovery—We help you get a grasp on the number of applications you are running, how often you use them, who uses them, when they were written and in what language.

  • Assessment—With Accenture, you’ll determine the appropriate migration path for each application, weighing critical factors such as security, scalability, your growth plan, high-priority business initiatives and risks, and regulations.

  • Planning—This stage involves aligning the assessment results to a practical road map, updating the business case, conducting pilot migrations—planning to reduce risk, etc., and then creating a work plan for the overall migration, finalizing the cloud architecture.

  • Migration and Testing—Accenture mobilizes the processes, tools and teams to meet your specific requirements and objectives, including a detailed migration plan, factory governance and operations model.

  • Deployment—We’re finally ready to help you launch your cloud applications, performing post-migration review and executing technical decommissioning, as required.

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