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Accenture Capital Project Services

Developing strategies for effective delivery of capital projects


Accenture Capital Project Services helps companies deliver greater value from their projects as well as improved capital efficiency of the whole project portfolio by enabling better control, reducing time to market, minimizing budget variances and improving asset performance.


Accenture Capital Project Services focuses on four core areas:

Portfolio and risk management solutions:
Methods and tools for portfolio and risk management to deliver increased capital efficiency and greater resilience against strategic, operational and market risks.

Project management and assurance services:
Design and execution services to establish a Capital Project Services Offices that brings strong governance, methodology, transparency and collaboration across the project ecosystem; also includes Operational Readiness services to ensure maximum asset utilization.

Engineering and project data solutions:
Methods and services that support industrial quality delivery and management of engineering, project and asset maintenance data, including data handover and migration services from new construction and brownfield projects.

Project support services:
Advisory and delivery services in procurement, supply chain, IT infrastructure, finance and HR to support start up and scaling of capital programs.