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Wealth Management

Delivering industry-leading solutions to help wealth managers prepare for the future of investing.


No industry can escape digital’s disruption, especially not wealth and asset management. Today’s clients expect a whole new kind of experience that’s more informed, more personalized, more transparent, and they want it more quickly than ever before.

A new group of investors—one defined by behaviors rather than traditional demographics—is emerging. The behaviors of this digital generation, or Gen D, will increasingly influence the relationships investors have with advisors. The digital generation represents a significant market opportunity for financial services firms, but few organizations possess a strong understanding of this emerging segment.

Firms that rise to the digital challenge capitalize on industry insights, transform their businesses from front to back and strive for operational excellence—and many won’t go at it alone. That’s where Accenture comes in. We help wealth and asset managers drive sales, reduce costs and manage risks by working with them in four key areas:

  1. Sales and Distribution: Improving top-line growth is possible by improving the client experience and developing advisory services. We work with firms to adapt and modernize advisor desktop tools, address advisor succession challenges and build the future advisor model. We also help advisors build their capabilities for meeting clients’ needs, including helping firms attract, engage and retain Gen D investors.

  2. Servicing and Solutions: Regulatory and cost pressures are a constant challenge in the industry. Our tailored offerings in data management, platform servicing, replacement and renewal, and back office transformation help firms respond quickly and effectively.

  1. Wealth Management Platforms. We work with private banks to implement their distribution and technology initiatives, including Temenos and Avaloq. We also assist with operating model reviews, outsource asset services and IT transformations.

Our global footprint i​n more than 120 countries enables us to scale our services rapidly and help our clients achieve high performance—this is why eight of the top 10 global wealth managers turn to Accenture for help.

We help firms improve sales and distribution channels, spur growth through the creation and delivery of more innovative products, and enhance operational effectiveness across technology platforms and back-offices.


Kendra Thompson

Kendra Thompson

Lead, Wealth Management, 
North America
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"In today's environment, wealth management firms need to improve their sales and distribution channels, create new and innovative products, and maximize operational effectiveness across technology platforms and back offices."

Alfredo Avila

Alfredo Avila

Lead, Wealth and Asset Management,
Europe, Africa & Latin America




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