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Asset managers face extraordinary challenges related to profitability, shifting investor demands and new regulations in an increasingly complex market environment. But just like potential investments, the risk presented by these uncertainties also presents opportunities for rewards to those that move quickly.

Accenture helps asset management firms and service providers focus upon the key challenges of increasing profitability, improving customer engagement and nimbly managing shifting regulations. We draw on our end-to-end transformation capabilities, as well as core strengths in management consulting, technology, analytics and outsourcing to help firms navigate complexity, volatility and cost pressures while creating sustainable competitive advantage.

"Top-tier asset management firms are facing increased competition, fee pressures, changing investor and product preferences, and ever-increasing regulation. Accenture helps clients tackle these challenges, execute transformation across their business and succeed in this dynamic market."
Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Lead, Asset Management, North America
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Asset Management Operations

Asset Management Operations

Build scale, efficiency and client-centric services by industrializing core operating models, regulatory and business processes and expanding digital capabilities.

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Define, integrate and retrieve data from across your organization with greater ease and precision to create accurate reporting and glean actionable insights.

Digital User Experience

Digital User Experience

Craft a unique, consistent client experience across all available channels that is designed to drive and retain assets, improve client engagement and build sales and marketing tool sets.

Platform Service Provider Integration

Platform and Service Provider Integration

Create optimal trading, recordkeeping and infrastructure platforms aligned to your business objectives and drawn from best-in-class providers.

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InsideOps: Robotics is Transforming Operations in Asset Management

Nowadays, robots are assisting asset managers. They are not robots in the physical sense, but various forms of automation software. These robots can work fast and cost effectively. And they free up firms' most valuable resources ─ humans ─ to take on more challenging analytical assignments.


InsideOps: Insights for asset management operations leaders

Asset management operations leaders face a series of challenges that require savvy solutions to ensure continued excellence in client services. InsideOps provides brief overviews of top-of-mind topics and presents guiding principles to follow in order to overcome these challenges.


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