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Call Volume Forecaster

Forecasts inbound calls to contact centers, to accurately plan traffic and staffing.


The contact center is one of the key points of contact between telecommunications companies and their customers. Its proper management is also linked to the complexity of workforce management.

The ability to forecast incoming call flows is needed for different call types and different time intervals, including a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Telcos should take into account the desired service levels for different types of customer support, and have usable predictions in hand, to make quick decisions. Manually managing the process is impossible due to the amount of data and the time constraints.

The Call Volume Forecaster application meets the planning and management needs of the contact center. The application provides forecasts for traffic planning down to the individual contact level up to the business aggregate level. These forecasts help define the right staffing resource and skill mix for each day and time slot, improving service levels and therefore increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand perception.

Specific Services

The Call Volume Forecaster application improves planning, staffing and management of contact centers, putting analytics inside the management processes, and giving actionable insight to business users.

The application processes long and medium term management issues, sending alerts, and supports quick solutions to short term issues, such as sudden inbound traffic peaks for the current and the next day.

Key features

  • Get the best inbound-calls load prediction for one or more call centers

  • Predicts the call load by type of call and type of customer

  • Get accurate, timely and usable hourly forecasts

  • Takes all available information into account in order to get the best prediction