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Talent and HR BPO

HR outsourcing leverages analytics, social media and mobility to improve talent acquisition, development and performance—and ultimately your bottom line.


A high performing workforce is the foundation of true, long-lasting competitive differentiation—companies need to attract and retain these key resources (employees, contingent workers, contractors, etc.) as well as ensure their skills are kept relevant and up-to-date. Many of the world’s smartest companies are turning to BPO to achieve this goal of improved workforce performance, and ultimately attain high performance.

Accenture understands that leading companies are looking to outsourcing for more than cost-savings and process efficiencies. That is why our next-generation Talent and HR BPO Services use sophisticated analytics to generate insights that drive better, faster decisions and inform our operations. Accenture Talent and HR BPO delivers next-generation benefits, pairing business outcomes with cost savings to drive high performance.

"Accenture Talent and HR BPO Services collaborates with clients including Best Buy, BT, Levi Strauss and Unilever to analyze, forecast, acquire and develop talent."

Achieving high performance

Attract, engage and onboard

"All of our clients depend on their workforce to drive growth for their business as well as service their clients, whoever they may be and so it’s that workforce that truly is a differentiator for our clients."

Jill Goldstein
Talent and HR BPO Offering Lead

Why Accenture

Our solutions help to optimize workforce performance and productivity:

  • Comprehensive offering: Accenture’s end-to-end Talent and HR offering covers the full spectrum of talent acquisition, talent development, and employee and HR services. Our industrialized processes are field-tested and delivered at scale, giving our clients greater flexibility to respond to changing market needs.

  • Deeply skilled and experienced resources: Accenture has 10,000 HR, learning and talent-management professionals, complemented by a global team with experience across industries, technologies and business processes.

  • Global reach: Accenture’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deep industry and technology skills.

  • Track record: Accenture delivers measurable improvements in business performance that includes improving new hire retention and performance, improving workforce performance and productivity, and optimizing operating costs.

Specific Services
Accenture configures our end-to-end Talent and HR capabilities into a solution that drives quantifiable business outcomes related to workforce performance and productivity. Our capabilities span the entire employee life cycle:

  • Talent acquisition

  • Talent development

  • Employee and HR services

  • Compensation

"Accenture Talent and HR BPO collaborates with clients to analyze, forecast, acquire and develop the talent needed to meet changing business dynamics."



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