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Residential Mortgage Servicing & Default Management

Helping servicers gain efficiency, improve process and comply with government and investor requirements.


Accenture works with top servicers to identify opportunities and solutions to help them increase servicing capacity, engineer work processes to conform with regulatory consent provisions, reduce operating expenses and provide borrowers with accurate, efficient and courteous customer service.

Accenture is well positioned to help mortgage servicing companies meet stringent regulatory compliance with an eye on achieving high performance. We work with more than 100 major credit institutions helping to re-engineer processes, optimize workforce strategies, implement better technology and streamline operations.


Accenture collaborates with the nation’s largest servicers to identify and implement innovative solutions. Our combination of processing capabilities, consulting services and technology solutions is helping servicers survive and thrive in today’s complex real estate environment.

Processing Capabilities

Accenture’s processing capabilities help residential mortgage servicers tackle their ongoing backlog of delinquent mortgages and efficiently comply with an increasing number of government requirements and investor mandates. Our processing services cover:

  • Tax line audit

  • Escrow analysis

  • New loan set up

  • Title reconveyance

  • Investor reporting/analysis

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting

  • ARM (Audit & Risk Management)/special loan set up


Accenture works with servicers to create standards and accountability metrics to comply with regulations. In addition, we work with our clients to create unique tracking capabilities, which can be sent to regulatory bodies quickly and efficiently. Our default services include:

  • Emerging Markets to Emerging Markets (E2E) Loss Mit Waterfall

  • Collections/repayment

  • Credit counseling

  • Loan mod FF/short sales FF

  • Bankruptcy/foreclosure (BK/FC) attorney FF services

  • BK/FC servicer FF and PAN management

  • Claims processing

  • Loss Mitigation Eligibility Quality Assurance (QA), e.g. income calc

  • Servicer compliance lookback/forensics


Accenture has been working with the top servicers to overhaul their processes and systems in light of recent regulatory mandates (e.g., single-point-of-contact requirements). Our consulting services include:

  • Outsourcing strategy

  • Organizational redesign

  • Target operating model design (servicing and default management)

  • Residential mortgage learning development and policy/procedure definition

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis, time and quality studies, benchmarking

  • Mortgage servicing and default management operations assessment and re-engineering


Accenture‘s technology solutions are helping top servicers refresh their legacy systems, infuse new analytical tools and transform their overall operations. Our technology services include:

  • Core servicing system consolidation and rationalization

  • Proprietary and packaged software development and ongoing maintenance

  • Default management systems analysis, design and installation

  • Federal consent order technology revitalization