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Accenture Credit Services: Residential mortgage services

Providing comprehensive identical mortgage transformation services to improve quality, cost, service and delivery.


Accenture Credit Services is a full-service provider of residential mortgage transformation services. We team with clients to deliver high performance operating environments that bring improvements in quality, cost, service and delivery.

By leveraging our deep domain expertise, systems integration and management, software and large-scale process outsourcing flexibility, Accenture helps lenders and servicers industrialize their operations to meet current and anticipated challenges.

Watch the video to see how Accenture Credit Services has delivered high performance, since launching in August 2011, and defined a new mortgage industry standard for efficiency and service. Providing digital technology, mobile solutions, e-closing and e-signatures, real-time business intelligence and predictive analytics, Accenture Credit Services is transforming the mortgage experience of the future.


Why Accenture

Accenture provides solutions that increase quality, lower costs, raise service levels and decrease delivery cycle times, while answering residential mortgage industry challenges, including:

  • Lowering the internal cost of service operations by 25 percent.

  • Improving customer service, building brand loyalty and increasing customer retention.

  • “Manufacturing” defect-free loans and reducing repurchase risk.

  • Reducing cycle times to less than 30 days to ensure a stress-free borrower experience, and improving secondary marketing execution.

Specific Services

Accenture offers a comprehensive suite of consulting, advisory and professional services to help clients tackle today’s challenges in the residential mortgage business.

  • Residential Mortgage Origination/FulfillmentAccenture can, in many cases, deliver greater than 25 percent optimization in performance results by applying progressive manufacturing discipline and quality rigor to the operations we design, build and run on our clients’ behalf.

  • Servicing/Loan Administration. Loan servicers are utilizing Accenture to streamline their back-office operations and provide intelligent scale to meet the emerging demands of customers and regulators.

  • Default Servicing. Our Default and Loss Mitigation services are effective solutions for creating the scale and capacity required to meet demands.

  • Investor Services. Accenture works closely with our investor clients to develop and deliver the most applicable and efficient standards and procedures for their business.

Residential Mortgage—Video

Solutions for the Residential Mortgage Industry
Watch as Ghazale Johnston, managing director of Accenture Credit Services in North America, explores how Accenture is transforming the mortgage industry by helping lenders and servicers focus on three critical areas: regulations, borrower centricity and process optimization.