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Architecting the high velocity finance organization

Chief Financial Officers are embarking on a transformational era of technology-enabled finance.


As the digital age evolves, finance technology is evolving to support the essential characteristics of a digital business: agility, nimbleness and real-time response.

We’re in the third stage of finance transformation. The first era brought Enterprise Resource Planning implementations to automate transactions and accounting.

In the second era, database-driven information management and e-commerce led to deeper data insights, changing the CFO organization’s role from keeper of accurate records to analysts of performance.

The third, or digital era, enables seamless technological enablement of routine functional tasks, liberating finance professionals to focus on a new role: creating enterprise value.


Digitization is fundamentally changing how business is conducted in a broadening number of markets.

To respond effectively, capture growth and mitigate risk across diverse and volatile markets, all organizations need to become more agile.

Yet, many enterprises have tended to meet the increased volatility, speed and competition they face not with agility but by developing ever more complex operating models. That complexity forms a major barrier to both top- and bottom-line growth.

Finance professionals must take initiative and drive simplification within the organization, with the CFO organization leading the design and pursuit of proactive strategic responses for effective change.


We endeavor to help business leaders along their transformation journey to becoming a high-velocity finance organization, capable of meeting clients’ and customers’ unique situations, industry, risk profiles and business cases.

We help finance organizations rapidly gain the transformational benefits of rich and innovative solutions, deployed in months rather than years. We work with our clients to create solutions for change, delivering agile, nimble and responsive real-time business capabilities.

By leveraging existing ERP assets and combining them with the power of new technology, we can help our clients move forward and realize new strategic value.

What should you do? Get started now with your High Velocity Finance roadmap.