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Accenture Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods

Accenture and Salesforce combine to transform the sales and marketing processes of the consumer goods industry.


Restore your shelf control
Consumer goods companies are facing monumental change. Achieving profitable growth in a time of economic uncertainty and shifting consumer behavior is far from easy.

To succeed, consumer goods companies are renewing their focus on local market execution and operational efficiency.

Yet many are still operating without a clear line of sight across their global sales and marketing functions. This is making it harder for their sales and marketing teams to do what they do best: drive the brand forward.

Why Accenture

The game has changed
The Accenture Cloud Retail Execution and Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management solutions transform the sales and marketing processes by combining Accenture’s industry experience with Salesforce’s cloud-based customer success platform.

We give you all the capabilities you need in one place:

  • Integrated business planning and trade analytics

  • Merchandising and trade marketing

  • Social engagement, consumer affairs and insights

By transforming to a single platform for sales and marketing, consumer goods companies can establish a single system of engagement to drive insight into action and win at the shelf.

Fullforce Solution

Specific Services

Seize your brands initiative

Just think if you could see the effectiveness of your trade spend to enable decisions as you go, track which promotions were working to boost ROI, increase market share and counteract competitor activity. Just imagine if you could spot inefficiencies and forecast accurately. Having your business working with a solution that is simple, intuitive and brings the right information to make the right decisions, can build stronger collaborative relationships with your retail customers to drive consumer demand.

At Accenture, we grew tired of thinking, "What if?" With Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management, you can have a solution that helps deliver genuine results. For over 30 years, we have worked with the leading consumer goods companies to continually enhance our solution to address strategic needs and common industry challenges—you needn't do the same.

Combining Accenture's sales and marketing consumer goods industry knowledge and software with Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's leading CRM, the Accenture Cloud Trade Promotion Management Solution supports different routes to market, sales and delivery models and geographies.

With trade spend levels at an all-time high can you afford to not have the best?

Sharpen your retail execution

Accenture Cloud Retail Execution can transform your sales and marketing front office capabilities, by providing a leading fully closed loop integrated sales platform that brings efficiency and focus to your sales activities—reducing costs while increasing revenue and focusing your field sales teams on high value visits with your prioritized activities.

Take back ownership of the shelf and seize every selling opportunity. Accenture Cloud Retail Execution helps you to manage compliance, take orders and now improve effectiveness from planning to execution using the sales folder.

Executing media to shelf in such a dynamic way can help enable profitable sales growth.

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