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Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D

Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D is a standards-based technology platform that helps pharmaceutical companies simplify and speed drug development.


Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D solution is an IT platform that offers a transformation of the R&D technology landscape. GSK, Merck, Pfizer and others join together to build a standards-driven platform powered by Oracle hardware and software to help pharmaceutical companies simplify and speed drug development.

Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D brings together multiple internal and external data sources across clinical, safety, regulatory and operational functions into a single analytics platform, creating actionable insights to accelerate drug development and improve patient outcomes. This industry leading cloud platform offers a forward-looking transformation of the R&D technology landscape providing new ways to use data across the development lifecycle to bring life-enhancing products to patients faster.

Why Accenture

Accenture has worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop technology solutions that both help reduce costs and improve R&D outputs. We have helped these companies successfully improve clinical trial efficiencies, cut trial costs and enhance the productivity of trial participants. Accenture’s capabilities enable R&D technology to be more integrated, using common IT methodologies and data standards.

The Life Sciences Cloud Coalition is an exciting initiative, in parallel with the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D platform, to build an assembly of like-minded leaders, collaborating for a healthier industry in non-competitive areas. The focus of the coalition is on driving innovation in Accenture Life Sciences Cloud to digitally enable the R&D function and speed the drug development process while improving quality and cost for the industry. Representative members of the Life Sciences Cloud Coalition include GSK, Merck and Pfizer.

Cloud Technology

The foundation of this solution is an alliance between Accenture and Oracle, bringing leading-edge technology and proven implementation experience together in an integrated, managed service hosted in the cloud. It is the result of almost a decade’s development across multiple clients. Key attributes of the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D solution include:

  • A unique way for life sciences companies to realize the benefits of a clinical data warehouse solution while streamlining their IT systems landscape

  • A hosted solution along with a managed support model, which can be deployed quickly, using Accenture’s templates and deep experience from multiple Oracle Life Sciences Hub (LSH) implementations

Leading pharmaceutical companies are seeking innovative, yet proven ways to use new technologies to accelerate their data insights and reduce information technology (IT) spend. These companies’ legacy IT systems are disparate and costly to maintain. The cloud, however, presents a new infrastructure option to help halt rising costs. Accenture’s Accelerated R&D Services helps clients increase R&D quality and speed, while simultaneously helping reduce costs and operating complexities.

Specific Services

The components of the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for R&D solution include:

  • Clinical and scientific data warehouse (CSDW): Built on Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub, delivers a platform to aggregate data for analysis across a wide array of clinical and scientific data. The platform includes a data warehouse core coupled with Oracle Data Management Workbench for data consolidation, cleaning and transformation.

  • Metadata Registry (MDR): provides a single application to manage clinical data standards and includes the tools necessary to comply with mandated data standardization guidance issued by global health authorities. It includes a configurable taxonomy which provides a structured means to store, manage, visualize and communicate standards metadata. It also features a set of dynamic workflows that enforce a process for creating new or maintaining existing data standards.

  • Analysis and reporting environment: Provides a programming environment (including a SAS engine) that supports versioning and traceability for statistical programming, and creation of tables, listings and graphs with data sets.

  • Unstructured Content Repository (UCR): A module providing capabilities for storage, management and collaboration of unstructured study content.

  • Data visualization and analytics: Includes a set of reporting, data mining and visualization tools that can be used for analysis of the data in either CSDW or ODW.

  • Information exchange hub: Provides a framework for service technologies and patterns required to move data, including web services, a broad range of messaging capabilities and bulk data movement.

  • Validated Cloud Platform: Provides a validated, scalable cloud platform through Oracle Managed Cloud Services. This SSAE-16 certified hosting environment, provides a full managed cloud service from hardware through to applications.

  • The Clinical Operations Insights Platform (COIP) enables delivery of the right information, at the right time, to the right team member. COIP combines operational data-warehousing, analytics and machine learning engines in one. It helps reduce “Time to Decision” and gain deeper insights on Trial Operations data enabling operations teams to run in an agile manner to proactively act on potential risks as well as effectively manage day to day Clinical Trial operations.


Jonathan Burr

Jonathan Burr

Managing Director – Accenture Accelerated R&D Services

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