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Utilizing analytics to maximize business outcomes

Businesses generate oceans of data every day. Our research shows how BPO analytics can unlock the value in your numbers.

Overview & Analysis


As business process outsourcing (BPO) matures, so does the industry’s ability to improve outcomes for clients.

Our High Performance BPO research shows an industry moving toward a “cost-plus” value proposition that focuses on business impact, not just operational cost reduction.

Based on a survey of more than 260 client-buyer executives, a relatively small number of high performers have been able to extract greater value.

This is being accomplished through a few basic steps, including forging relationships with BPO providers to make intelligent use of analytics.

BPO providers that excel at analytics leverage sophisticated tools for statistical surveying, root-cause analysis and process optimization.

But the most potent analytics are built on a solid foundation of comprehensive client data.

Most importantly, a provider must transform information into a digestible format, and then apply process and understanding to identify opportunities for improvements.



Our use of analytics generates valuable business outcomes for clients in three ways. All businesses should aim for the same results with their outsourcing providers:

  • Improve operational engines: We provide clients a single source of high-quality, consistently-recorded data on performance of various functions.

  • Uncover hidden insights: We generate additional insights by tracking data across different parts of the organization, and use it to optimize outcomes or to balance competing objectives.

  • Innovate to drive top-line growth: We help clients manage data—from the front office, back office or both—to generate process innovations, improve time-to-market and increase revenue.
By deploying analytics, we not only reduce costs and improve efficiency for our clients but also help them swiftly achieve the strategic market breakthroughs essential for gaining—and sustaining—advantages over their competitors.

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