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Using Accenture Intelligent Processing Services to reduce non-compliance—Video

Discover how the use of advanced revenue analytics can help government agencies identify fraud and eliminate the compliance gap.

Addressing fraud and non-compliance is a critical area of focus for governments seeking to maximize revenue and reduce expenditure. Accenture Intelligent Processing Services brings advanced revenue analytics to agencies to help them generate data-driven insight to highlight areas of risk. By integrating this information into business operations, agencies can address risk and non-compliance before money is lost.

Through a combination of public service revenue analytics tools, analytics delivery, and business process integration, Intelligent Processing Services address critical end-to-end agency operations involving processing, revenue compliance and collections. This video illustrates how Accenture’s revenue analytics solution can help agencies realize a marked reduction in erroneous tax refunds and tax credits due to prevention and detection of non-compliance earlier.

Our proven industry expertise helps agencies to identify and eliminate the compliance gap through the use of advanced revenue analytics. Visit Accenture Intelligent Processing Services to learn more about how we provide agencies with the ability to increase tax revenues and reduce benefit spend.