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Top retail holiday trends: Holiday shopping survey results 2015

The holiday shopping survey found consumers will increase holiday spending as personal financial optimism continues.


Accenture conducted an online survey of over 4,500 consumers in October 2015 across the United States, Canada and China. Overall, consumers are showing an increase in their spending expectations this holiday season, with 40 percent of US consumers planning to spend more on holiday shopping although they are still enticed by a good deal.

Sparked by ongoing optimism around consumers’ personal financial situations across each of the five markets, consumers remain enthusiastic about Holiday Shopping–both in-store and online, although the majority of shoppers would prefer the online option over physical stores where a retailer sells their product using both channels.

And despite increased instances of cybersecurity breaches across multiple industries in recent times, consumers are increasingly open to sharing personal information with retailers in order to receive personalized offers. Privacy and security concerns are the number one reason in all markets for consumers when shopping on a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

Read the US news release.
Read the Canadian findings in English and French.

Key Findings

Some of the highlights of this year's results include:

  • Consumers are planning to spend more on their holiday shopping this year:

    • US 40 percent

    • Canada 34 percent

    • China 73 percent

  • Consumers are willing to share personal information with retailers in order to receive personalized offers from retailers:

    • US 51 percent

    • Canada 46 percent

    • China 73 percent

  • Consumers would prefer to purchase products from the website of a brick-and-mortar retailer (versus other online stores)

    • US 55 percent

    • Canada 46 percent

    • China 73 percent

  • Webrooming and showrooming remain prevalent among shoppers:

    • US 69 percent & 65 percent respectively

    • Canada 70 percent & 62 percent respectively

    • China 63 percent & 70 percent respectively

  • Views differ on the services that consumers would use in their shopping experience if offered by retailers through their mobile device

    • US “Get real time promotions” 60 percent

    • Canada “Gather loyalty points” 61 percent

    • China “View other customer reviews” 75 percent

  • The majority of consumers would prefer discounts/deals be sent proactively to them

    • US 56 percent

    • Canada 53 percent

    • China 52 percent


As consumers make digital technology a natural part of their lives, their shopping habits have evolved rapidly. Their expectations have become "liquid." Given the chance to shop seamlessly for one product or service, they ask why they can't shop seamlessly for everything. If they experience personalization on one channel, they start to expect it across all channels. This represents a great opportunity for retailers who take advantage of new and emerging digital technologies to enhance the shopping experience–across all channels.