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How to Compete with Retail E-commerce Players: #9—Marketplace Rules

In this challenging business landscape, traditional retailers must replicate the retail e-commerce players such as Amazon by letting third parties hold stock for niche items and charge them a commission on sales.


Amazon Marketplace is a proven example of success, where consumers get an easy access to items for which there is limited demand, and it charges the sellers for using its fulfillment system.

Traditional general merchandisers need to replicate this concept and differentiate themselves by finding third-party sellers or integrating fulfillment with their Click & Collect operations. This will be challenging—especially if they have to deliver a truckload of marketplace Click & Collect sales to each store and also match Amazon’s strategy of watching what sells on its marketplace. The benefits of rising to the challenge, however, promise to be huge.

This will help traditional retailers deliver a satisfying and consistent retail customer experience that is backed by consistent product assortment and service excellence.

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