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The new role of the CMOs
in the digital era

CMOs must embrace all aspects of digital technology, focusing on customer experiences and business outcomes like never before.


Digital—the marketing game changer

In an information overloaded world, the traditional, brand-centric marketing approach is no longer reliable in attracting consumers and assuring a healthy rate of return from marketing investments. As consumers go digital and interact across multiple devices and channels, they expect brands to fit their needs of the moment with relevant experiences.

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are being challenged to meet the demands of increasingly tech-savvy consumers. This digital shift requires a transformation in the both composition and culture of their marketing departments.

Today's modern digital marketing organization will seamlessly orchestrate consumer-centric, contextually appropriate experiences across a wide range of possible avenues - website, social networks, search, tablets, smartphones, kiosks and store.

From Marketing Communications to Experience Engineering

From Marketing Communications to Experience Engineering. This opens a new window.


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Digital Trends

There are three fundamental trends shaping a new role for marketing today:

Digital is dominant. Digital is becoming a channel of choice across the buying lifecycle, making traditional media increasingly more social, local and personal.

Data, data everywhere. The availability of “big data” is helping marketers understand and track consumers as they move across interaction points.

Experience is everything. Advances in experience management technology mean that marketing organizations can engineer contextually relevant communications and interactions.


The new marketing organization - powered by analytics and technology and focused on business outcomes - will play a critical integration role across channels and business units, changing key marketing functions.

Chief experience officer. Focus on customers rather than products and services, making the multichannel strategy an integral part of a company’s business strategy.

Marketing strategy and innovation. Chart the best path for driving up marketing performance by developing innovative propositions and customer experiences.

Cross channel experience management. Define and deliver compelling, dynamic and frictionless experiences across relevant channels.

Marketing operations and enablement. Adopt flexible processes, agile technologies and consumer-centric organization models.

Customer and marketing analytics. Analyze customer data using deep analytic techniques and maximize the return on constrained marketing resources.

2014 CMO-CIO Alignment Survey
The 2014 Accenture CMO-CIO Alignment Survey reveals that digital is driving a new wave of collaboration between marketing and IT.


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CMOs: Time for Digital Transformation
Survey reveals an imperative for CMOs to lead the way on digital opportunities that delight customers and deliver business outcomes.


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As marketing organizations drive their own transformation in the digital age, their success can be understood against three primary criteria:

How coordinated are marketing services?
Despite the challenges of fragmented budgets and entrenched ways of working, a true “glocal” model—creating centralized processes that can be locally controlled—will be a key dimension of maturity.

Is digital truly integrated into the marketing mix?
There will be a budget-related tension between traditional and digital media, as long as digital marketing is seen as functionally separate from marketing. Companies must address the ecosystem challenges holistically and truly integrate digital and non-digital media.

Do marketing organizations have the right skill mix?
CMOs must be on the look out for new skills needs. The most urgent need is for marketing organizations to have professionals on board with expertise in data analytics and experience management to evolve the role of marketing to meet customer needs.

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