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Being Customer Centric: Capturing the insurance customer of tomorrow

How insurance companies can drive customer retention and growth through digital


Digital’s influence continues: Every customer is now a digital customer. Each has different preferences and moves at different speeds.

Carriers have a stark choice: They can seize the opportunity by embracing digital and customer-centricity, move out of distribution to focus on a manufacturing role, or stay as they are and be relegated to the sidelines.


customer centric

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Key Findings

Insurance customers continue to be frustrated with their providers. Only 29 percent of insurance customers are satisfied with their current providers, and as few as 16 percent intend to buy more from them, according to Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Research.

To meet customers’ expectations and fully utilize digital’s capabilities, insurers need to address three critical questions:

1: As we transition away from being a product-centric insurer, how far—and how fast—should we proceed toward customer-centricity?

2: What does it take to be a Digital Transformer?

3: What role can we play in a larger service ecosystem?


To compete effectively and retain customers, insurers need to be more assertive and more innovative than they have ever been. They must develop a digital business strategy that spans the enterprise, transforms the value chain and enables a transition to authentic customer-centricity.

Digital can improve insurers’ existing processes, products and services. But, on its own, it can’t sustain success. More importantly, digital can help create new sources of value for the customer, the carrier and its business partners, thus contributing to long-term growth and profitability.