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InsideOps: Insights for asset management operations leaders

Operations leaders at asset management firms, including chief operating officers and directors of operations, face a series of challenges across a variety of disciplines. These challenges require a blend of strategic and tactical solutions to ensure uninterrupted operational excellence and client service. InsideOps provides operations leaders with brief overviews of top-of-mind topics and lays out the guiding principles to follow when enhancing operational excellence.

Transitioning Risk

Transitioning to a risk based oversight model

After completing the outsourcing of a process to a service provider, it may seem prudent to fully replicate the outsourced process to minimize risk and ensure accuracy. However, this decision could be costly and prevent the realization of all intended benefits from the original decision to outsource. Read the steps that should be taken to transition to the preferred alternative of a risk based oversight model.

Operating Model

ETF Operating Model: The insource-outsource spectrum

As the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) book of business continues to grow, sponsors face new challenges to determine the right mix of operational insourcing and outsourcing. Where a specific manager falls on the spectrum of maturity and growth has a direct impact on its optimal mix. Read about the different ETF operating models and the factors that could determine which is best for your business.

Getting Most

Getting the most out of RFIs and RFPs

Investment management firms seek new service provider relationships for a host of different reasons. They may be expanding product offerings that current service providers can no longer accommodate.

Looking Beyoond

Looking beyond cost when assessing middle office outsourcing

Outsourcing middle office functions has become a common practice. Many asset managers see this as an opportunity to better position themselves to manage a dynamic investment environment rather than just an avenue to reduce cost.

Maximizibg Due

Maximizing due diligence of back office outsourced service providers

Taking full advantage of the due diligence effort when evaluating service providers is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. This exercise provides an opportunity for asset managers and service providers to clearly identify risk areas, validate requirements and ensure the relationship is a logical fit.

Outsourcing Approaching

Outsourcing: Approaching the decision point

There are a multitude of reasons why firms outsource their middle and back office functions to third parties. The decision of whether this is appropriate for a firm requires a methodical and disciplined process.

Chief Acquisition

The chief operating officer as “chief acquisitions officer"

A critical component of any acquisition is operational due diligence and it typically falls under the purview of the chief operating officer. We explore key steps and considerations throughout the process.


Replace Vendor

When to replace a vendor

Replacing an external service provider can be extremely costly and time consuming. As such, the decision making process should not be taken lightly. Asking the right questions of your company and current partner can help ensure the right decision is reached and open the door to a new, valuable long term investment.