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Accenture: The undisputed number one in testing innovation

HfS Research positions Accenture as an innovative global service provider, focused on business transformation and evolving toward predictive testing.


In August 2015 HfS Research published its "HfS Blueprint Report: Application Testing Services," placing Accenture firmly in its "Winners Circle" for both innovation and execution and naming Accenture as "the undisputed number one" in testing innovation.

According to HfS Research, Accenture added a strong narrative focused on business transformation and evolving towards predictive analytics, underpinned by significant R&D in machine learning and cognitive computing, coverage of the emerging digital spectrum and deep vertical and industrialization capabilities.


Download PDFTo learn more, download the Accenture excerpt [PDF, 2.03 MB]

Key Findings

HfS Research placed Accenture in the “Winner’s Circle” based on relevant differentials between service providers across numerous facets in the categories of innovation and execution including:

  • Balance of strong transformational and industrialization capabilities: Accenture was recognized by clients for providing strong leadership in testing in support of transforming processes and applications. These capabilities are underpinned by industrialized assets allowing for efficiency and cost control.

  • Deep vertical capabilities underpin expansive process know-how: Accenture provides industry- and technology-aligned solution factories enabling assembly line-like production.

  • Significant R&D in machine learning and cognitive computing: Accenture’s vision is to evolve more predictive and intelligent testing approaches based on analytics and coverage of the emerging digital spectrum.

  • Strength around the SAP ecosystem: Differentiation comes from the deep partnership with SAP and its investment in intelligent tools.


In assessing the overall market, HfS Research emphasizes that the Application Testing Services market is one of the fastest growing markets in the IT industry right now. This is due to the fact that clients are implementing new apps in many different areas, particularly in the mobile, cloud, SaaS, big data and analytics spaces. With many different end-user devices now in use, efficient application testing is becoming a necessity.

HfS Research also recognizes that within the context of the journey into the As-a-Service Economy—in which Intelligent Automation and Proactive Intelligence are crucial building blocks—the narratives have to take center stage. “Moving toward scalable highly automated service delivery models, testing services have to address this broadening scope. There is a conceptual similarity between test automation and robotic process automation as well as Autonomics. This should open another opportunity for the testing community to get a seat at the business table.”

© Copyright HfS Research. Source: HfS Blueprint Report: Application Testing Services. August 2015 by Tom Reuner and Charles Sutherland.