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Accenture a leader in marketing services and digital customer experience

HfS Research: “Accenture is a progressive service provider with a vision for bringing together multi-disciplinary digital marketing capabilities”


In December 2014, HfS Research released its first report in the marketing space, HfS Blueprint Report – Marketing Operations & Digital Customer Experience Management. The report recognizes Accenture in the “Winner’s Circle” for marketing and digital customer experience services.

According to the report, “Accenture has evolved the most progressive vision for helping clients across the digital marketing spectrum, with demonstrated capabilities across analytics, content management, online marketing campaigns, search, and social and media management.”

This report is the first application of HfS Blueprint methodology in the marketing space. It identifies relevant differentials among service providers across numerous facets in two main categories: innovation and execution.

Ratings depend on a broad range of stakeholders with specific weightings based on 1,355 crowd-sourced responses. Stakeholders include:

  • BPO enterprise buyers
  • BPO service providers
  • BPO industry influencers, such as sourcing advisors
  • HfS analysts

Key Findings

HfS Research placed Accenture in the Winner’s Circle based on a variety of criteria including:

  • Flexible and robust approach: "Clients commended Accenture on its willingness to make engagements successful, to solve for complex marketing processes, to change internal mindsets, and to work with global brands in an integrated matter – a key challenge for dispersed or autonomous marketing units today."
  • Acquisitions: "Accenture has aggressively acquired digital specialist firms over the last few years. As a result, it now has access to industry leading digital design and production, allowing it to offer clients a more complete end-to-end digital marketing portfolio."
  • Global delivery: "Accenture has a global delivery network spanning key locations globally, with centers in the near-shore locations of Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Poland, and South Africa and significant offshore presences in India, China and the Philippines."
  • Existing relationships: "Accenture has penetrated global enterprises with its advanced analytics, consulting, IT, and BPO offerings and is in a great position to begin conversations about digital marketing support with CMO offices in client organizations."

© Copyright HfS Research. Source: HfS Blueprint Report: Marketing Operations & Digital Customer Experience Management. December 2014 by Reetika Joshi.