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Developing a public sector technology strategy

Figure out the “what” before rushing into the “how” and “who” of mobility in government technology.

With mobile technology changing rapidly, it is imperative that governments work out a cohesive public sector technology strategy, with a business case, as they launch their mobile journey. In the absence of well-thought-out guidelines, standards and processes, a mobile platform is unlikely to deliver the desired outcomes.

In this video, Lisa Mitnick, Managing Director – Accenture Mobility, explains the various factors to consider while developing a successful mobile strategy for public sector technology, including:

  • Business priorities
  • Solution architecture
  • Operating model

Watch the video to learn how to overcome the challenges of mobility with a holistic, public sector technology mobile strategy.

This video was recorded at the Mobile Government 2013 forum held in Sacramento, CA on March 28, 2013. View other videos in this series:

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