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Customs Technology: How the scale of digitization is transforming customs organizations—Video

Learn how customs organizations should evolve in the face of changing trade and commerce preferences of digital businesses and citizens.

Today, every business is either already a digital business or in the process of becoming one. So is the case with citizens, with many countries implementing unique citizen identification programs to enable safe, secure and efficient delivery of citizen services. This increasing level of digitization, combined with technological advancements such as 3-dimensional D printing, is leading to profound changes in trade and commerce in terms of customers’ channel preferences and purchase decisions.

Watch Brian Moran, global managing director – Public Service Operations & Management, Accenture, explain how customs organizations should evolve to effectively manage the ever-increasing volumes of e-commerce transactions by both, digital citizens and digital businesses.

This video was recorded at the 2013 World Customs Organization IT Conference and Exhibition held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on May 14–16, 2013.