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Achieving high performance with business process management in energy

Read Accenture's report on energy business process management and learn more about key obstacles.


Accenture’s point of view Transforming Stakeholders into Supporters and Drivers draws on our experience in business process management (BPM) to highlight key obstacles that can arise during BPM deployments in oil and gas businesses and explains how they can be overcome to achieve high performance.

Accenture’s experience shows that resistance to BPM within an organization typically revolves around six key questions. As oil and gas companies seek to address these questions, we believe the adoption of an integrated approach—combining clear articulation of benefits, focus on critical aspects and centralized support—can help position them for success.


Download PDFRead the report [PDF 339 KB]


BPM is a management discipline employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage and optimize an organization’s activities across the business process lifecycle. By providing an integrated approach to process management—from design to execution and control—BPM ensures that key business processes can be managed with as much rigor as other critical business assets.