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Engineering a global advantage in Industrial Equipment

Achieving high performance in Industrial Equipment engineering in the emerging growth markets is a global advantage.

To become high performers in the emerging growth markets of tomorrow, Industrial Equipment manufacturers will need fast and flexible operating models that support the delivery of intelligent, energy-efficient, end-to-end solutions. They will also need to become forward-looking risk managers.

Industrial Equipment is a highly fragmented industry, comprising more than 40 different segments and sub-segments. The financial crisis in 2008-2009 and subsequent slump hit all segments hard, and demand for industrial machinery and equipment fell away in many markets. The industry as a whole responded by cutting costs and consolidating.

As the Industrial Equipment marketplace continues to evolve, the key to sustainable growth in the future will be the ability to anticipate the emergence of new growth markets—and to move swiftly to service them with innovative, energy efficient solutions. Meanwhile, as the battle for talent intensifies, corporate cultures that both support and endorse change will become increasingly important differentiators for winning companies.

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