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Accenture Forbes supplement: It's time to innovate energetic change in South Africa

The Accenture Innovation Index and a broad innovation movement aims to inspire radical, disruptive, energetic change in South Africa.

A new movement
An innovation-led revival must be the leading public and private sector concern, for the sake of the South African economy. Where are the opportunities for new thinking? Are we identifying and equipping our innovation champions? Do we look in all the right places, but none of the unexpected ones? Do we leverage the help of others or jealously guard our own? Is anyone else asking these questions?

It’s time to scare up an innovation movement that can create and inspire radical, disruptive, energetic change—the sort that doesn’t just maintain or make tweaks but leaps ahead with ideas that rock the world.

Accenture wants to be part of that movement; to celebrate, own and build on the transformative thinking that produced the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth, Discovery, FNB and all the other South African organisations, men and women who have taken their areas of endeavour forward.

We’ve devoted extensive thought, research and time in the trenches to innovation. The lessons are there for all to see in this Forbes Africa Innovation Supplement—in the results of the Accenture Innovation Index survey of 2014, the market views from the latest Accenture CEO Briefing, the international and local thought leadership, the leading technologies and trends.

The Innovation Index results highlight the deep impact that innovation will have on re-establishing strong GDP growth. That growth has to come from unlikely places. We need to challenge industries that are under pressure to invent new solutions and do things differently. Traditional business, too, must dig deep to find the innovation nuggets and miners in their midst.