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Accenture Customer Insight

Capturing meaningful insights can enhance relevance and improve the customer experience.


Creating value through actionable customer intelligence

Businesses today need to continually harvest the customer, transaction and digital data generated from point-of-sale, mobile and social platforms, and cloud-based big data sets to quickly glean insights by which to make customer-facing decisions. Future survival in the marketplace depends on this capability.

As analytics has matured over the past decade, some companies have built point solutions to deliver meaningful insights. However, these solutions are expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate into a holistic view of the customer.

We developed Accenture Customer Insight to provide clients a comprehensive customer insight infrastructure. The solution reflects our ongoing commitment to developing next-generation, technology-enabled solutions that enable marketing precision and improve the customer experience. Our integrated services equip clients to generate insight and value across all dimensions of the marketing and merchandising cycles.

Consumer-oriented businesses are using Accenture Customer Insight to drive long-term competitive advantage.

Cracking the Code with Accenture Analytics


Companies understand the value of examining data about customers, channels and buying behaviors to unearth actionable insights. However, they often lack a coherent, integrated approach to deriving customer insight from data assets. Furthermore, they don’t always have the in-house talent to provide the necessary support.

Analytics has changed over the past decade. And the volume and types of data are growing every day. It’s a challenge for businesses to keep up—and capitalize on the changes. Accenture has developed the Accenture Customer Insight (ACI) framework to help businesses achieve an integrated approach to deriving customer insight from data assets. ACI integrates Accenture’s customer analytics, technologies, data processes and services to help companies become insight-enabled organizations.


Accenture Customer Insight (ACI) helps companies and organizations answer critical questions by providing cost-effective customer analytics, accessible business intelligence, and data integration and management support.

Accenture Customer Insight has three major components:

Advanced, integrated customer analytics
With the help of predictive analytics, our clients go beyond identifying the “what” through basic data querying and analysis, to answering the “so what” and “now what” questions that drive real business results. We integrate analytics across functions to give clients a comprehensive view of performance and customers.

The customer insight platform
Our Web-based software platform offers a clear view into the inputs and outcomes of the analytics process. We also enable clients to measure—and report on—what matters most to them, and access that information in the most meaningful way.

Internal and external data integration and management
We help clients extract the most value from customers, products, employees, materials and suppliers through master data management services that ensure the data feeding analytics and reporting processes are integrated, reliable and current.


Accenture Customer Insight addresses the capability, coverage and operating gaps that clients are struggling with now. It also solves the challenge of building business intelligence and analytics skills.

The Accenture Customer Insight team comprises experienced practitioners who have demonstrated skills in customer, marketing, merchandising and operations analytics as well as software development and deployment. With this deep bench of talent, and through our ongoing global support, client attain unprecedented levels of:

Flexibility. For companies that want to cost-effectively augment their customer insight capabilities, ACI can help in a single-instance need for strategic analytics, or clients can subscribe to ongoing business intelligence and process support in a managed services arrangement.

Scalability. Clients can quickly ramp up analytic capabilities as needed, without spending time or money finding, recruiting and on-boarding analytics talent.

Adaptability. Accenture teams see achieving customer insight as an ongoing, collaborative endeavor that should evolve over time as the needs of the company change.