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Technology Advisory Practice for Financial Services

We work with each financial services firm to plan, build, transform and orchestrate an effective and efficient technology solution to help them meet their specific business situation, needs and goals.

What we do

The focus of the Accenture Financial Services Technology Advisory practice and its members is to be the catalyst for transforming each financial services client firm’s technology into a business asset for driving improved operational efficiency and enhanced enterprise effectiveness in a cloud-enabled digital world.

Financial Services Technology Advisory works with each firm to plan, build, transform and orchestrate their technology capabilities, resources, skills and capacity to deliver improved operational efficiency, enhanced enterprise effectiveness and meet their individual and specific business situation, needs and goals.

What we offer

The Financial Services Technology Advisory practice was formed to bring industry-specific (banking, capital markets and insurance) and function specific (cloud, digital IT, emerging technologies, security) knowledge, skills, know-how and capabilities to each client firm’s specific situation, needs and goals.

To help individual firms improve their operational efficiency and enhance its enterprise effectiveness, we offer a complete roster of intelligent technology solutions.

Cloud Enablement

We help client firms benefit from Cloud technology, operating models, capabilities and rich ecosystems.

Security & Resilience

We help client firms turn their security function into a partner for rotating their business to seize the opportunities created by our evolving digital world.

Digital IT

We help client firms build, transform and operationalize their Digital IT capabilities to support the new breed of customer-based business models.

Emerging Technology

We help client firms benefit from the continuous flow of innovative and transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, including Robotic Process Automation.

Legacy Value Creation

We help client firms tackle their technology Legacy burden and challenges and capture value from existing business assets.

How we help the Financial Services sector

Across the technology spectrum, from idea to strategy to implementation, Financial Services Technology Advisory brings the best of Accenture to each financial services client.

We help banking, capital markets and insurance firms across the globe transform their business through intelligent technology solutions.


  • Embrace disrupting and emerging technologies to address credit, payments and core banking business problems.
  • Transform a bank’s capabilities through new operating and sourcing models, and strengthened processes and governance.
  • Streamline operations with robotic process automation.
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Capital markets

  • Transform how a firm uses IT by capturing the value created by new technologies including FinTech.
  • Move key technologies to the cloud and take advantage of related services such as virtualization, provisioning and service catalogues.
  • Increase firms’ agility by applying “New IT” methods as broadly as possible and in most cases establishing a multi-speed IT paradigm.
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  • Realize the true potential of data to increase revenues with analytics solutions.
  • Embrace the cloud with the goal of streamlining and improving IT spend from CapEx to OpEx models.
  • Take on legacy to “New IT” transformations of any type, any size and any duration.
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What we think

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Emmanuel Sardet

Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services Technology Advisory, Global and Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America lead

Phillip (Chip) Bell

Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services Technology Advisory, North America lead

Rick Browne

Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services Technology Advisory, Asia-Pacific lead