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Join Accenture at Millennial 20/20 APAC Edition

Uncovering the millennial-driven, game-changing consumer facing marketplace.

Event Details

Millennial 20/20 is the world’s first Millennial Summit focused on uncovering the millennial-driven, game-changing consumer marketplace. The event will bring together emerging and established brands to share best-practice on how to engage the millennial mind-set of today’s consumers.
Events details
"A generation who founded the social media movement, has technology embedded in their DNA and is the most powerful yet controversial consumer of our time."

Where: Art Science Museum, Singapore

When: 7th — 8th September 2016


Our Programme

As title sponsor, Accenture invites you to participate in our exciting programme:

Exploring the Millennial Mindset

Come and join us across two days of exciting talks, exhibitions, hands-on workshops, demos and clinics run by a new wave of start-ups, leading practitioners and service providers. This is the place to discover, reconnect and learn from trail-blazers who are building consumer companies and brands of the future, with the next generation of consumer in mind.

Key Themes

The World of ME

Accenture invites you to step inside The World of ME, an immersive experience and the first of its kind, which brings together a curated selection of start-ups and brands to explore millennial-driven products and services that we believe will influence the retail and consumer landscape of the near future.

In the World of ME, we will explore how you can capture the heart and loyalty of the Millennial by re-imagining the retail environment, how you connect with consumers and what you offer. We believe a store is no longer solely seen as a place to purchase things, but a port of call for expertise, unique brand stories, immersive experiences and even a place to learn, create products and connect with like-minded individuals.

“In the World of ME re-imagined, unique experiences will come to life.”

At M20/20 London, visitors to the World of ME….

  • Explored what on-demand personalization means for jewelry by trying on and designing 3D printed pieces from Wonderluk.

  • For the Conscious ME millennial, brand values that align with beliefs and identity will become a given. Visitors engaged with textiles made from citrus peel, by Orange Fiber, one of five winners of the H&M Conscious Foundation’s Global Change Award.

  • Experiences will start to become the product. Visitors swiped left or right to determine preferences and find the right food pairing to match the craft beers, all powered by the Accenture Customer Genome and Intel.

  • Did you know you could gather in-store analytics all by looking at someone’s shoe? Visitors witnessed this in action, powered by Hoxton Analytics!

  • Created the store of the near future by leaving ideas on our wall and participating in our live hackathon.

  • Were a part of our World of ME community events happening throughout the 2 days, which included a beer tasting where visitors met the CEO of Crazy Mountain Brewery Company.

The Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards – London 2016 Winners

The second instalment of The Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards (ACIAs) will take place at the M2020 APAC Edition in Singapore.

The inaugural Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards (ACIAs) served to raise the profile of disruptors in the retail, consumer goods, travel and hospitality space. Specifically, those helping big brands better drive millennial experiences.

With applications from over 170 early-stage innovators, 16 start-ups were hand-selected by a judging panel of industry leading brands, influencers and investors—including Sainsbury’s, Argos, LEGO, PepsiCo, Specsavers, Unilever, Dixons Carphone, Balderton Capital, New Look, River Island, Skyscanner, Kingfisher and many more—to pitch at the CNBC studios in London on April 5th.

The Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards – London 2016 Finalists

The Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards – London 2016 Finalists

The Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards – London 2016 FinalistsThe Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards – London 2016 Finalists

Read the media release to learn more about the awards.


Founders: Fabrice Haiat, Gilles Haiat, Avi Haiat

Founders: Fabrice Haiat, Gilles Haiat, Avi Haiat

Founders: Dave Carruthers, Andrew Barraclough

Founders: Dave Carruthers, Andrew Barraclough

Founders: Phil Smith, John Thompson

Founders: Phil Smith, John Thompson

Founders: Reynazran Royono, Laith Abu Rakty, Mayeth Condicion

Founders: Reynazran Royono, Laith Abu Rakty, Mayeth Condicion

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