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Platform (R)evolution

Enterprises are carving out new playing fields thanks to rapid advances in cloud and mobility technology. Platform-based ecosystems are the new plane of competition.


What’s old is new again.

Over two centuries ago, the bricks-and-mortar factory was the primary platform that launched the Industrial Revolution. So it is with digital technology, which promises as much, if not more, disruption.

Today’s new and evolving platforms are essentially comprised of well-defined architecture, governance and services and underpinned by the latest digital “tools” – social, mobile, cloud, Internet of Things and others.

Deere, among others, have established blueprints to build and deliver applications for specific industry problems. The platforms serve as a pool of reusable capabilities to achieve better business outcomes.

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Industry platforms will fuel the acceleration of digital disruption during the next three to five years, leaving less and less time for established companies to react to change.

Underpinned by a wave of digital technologies – including social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and the Internet of Things – the platform serves as a new blueprint for how companies build, connect, and deliver applications that address specific industry challenges.


Looking Ahead

Over the next 100 days, appoint a champion to build a platform strategy across your enterprise. Task business development and alliance organizations to catalog the digital platforms being offered by existing partners. Learn more by reading our 100- and 365-day plans in the Full Report.


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