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My workplace offers daycare, so I can focus on work while my daughters thrive

By Divya Gour, Software Engineering Team Lead, Accenture Technology, Bengaluru 

"I do have complete focus on my work because everything is taken care of in daycare."

Attaining a personal and professional life balance is not easy. I am a working professional, but I am also the proud mother of two beautiful girls. My oldest, Vanya, is 4 years old, and my youngest, Naisha, is 2 years old.

The daycare facilities where I work at Accenture, a global professional services company, are a true blessing. They offer full-day support for my children, while engaging them with activities that focus on age-appropriate educational milestones. My children’s daily progress keeps me motivated. I can drop my kids, come to the office and work. I do have complete focus on my work because everything is taken care of in daycare.

Because of my company’s relationship with many recognized daycare centers in India, we receive a substantial rebate on fees. The best part is that the center is close to our offices.

While the majority of Indian households have dual working parents, childcare support offered by workplaces is an uncommon practice. This program allows us to continue our professional growth while supporting us as parents as well. The daycare provides a safe, progressive and fun environment for my kids and gives me comfort that while I am at work, my girls are in good hands.

I feel supported at each stage of motherhood. My children continue to learn and share their success with me each day, giving me the confidence that they are developing and well cared for when I am at work.